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Campsite Jobs

Campsites and holiday camps employ a huge number of staff during summer
months and are a fun and enjoyable way for young people or students to spend a
season in the sun and warmer weather. The country with the highest demand for
staff is in France but campsite jobs are also available in UK, Austria, Denmark,
Norway and other countries throughout Europe.

Campsite courier jobs include cleaning tents and caravans, greeting clients,
introducing the facilities and local attractions and dealing with any problems
such as illness. Bigger campsites also require resort representatives, nannies
and childcare helpers, entertainers and sports instructors. Free accommodation
in tents or caravans is usually provided.

When is seasonal work in campsites and holiday camps available? Contracts are
often for full or half seasons between April and September. Posts are usually
filled by Easter so it is best to apply early. However, last minute places are
also available.

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Campsite Jobs