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Horse Riding Gap Year Working Holiday
Wild Coast Horse Trails

Join us for a wonderful horse riding experience at Sunray Farm, Home of Torstone Sport Horse Stud and Wild Coast Horse Trails.

Farm and Agriculture Jobs

Farm work available includes fruit picking, agriculture work, farm jobs and farm working holidays. Each year there is demand worldwide for casual and itinerant farm workers to bring in the harvest crops. Some farm work placements are live-in and others offer accommodation and meals in return for hands on help.

Farm work in Australia and farm work in New Zealand is very popular with backpackers and travellers on seasonal working holiday visas.Temporary farm work, harvest jobs, casual agriculture positions and full-time farm work are available year round. You can even find seasonal gap year farm jobs in the UK and Ireland, with the option to get farm work experience at organic farms.

Farm and agricultural work is often outdoors, in rural areas and while the work can be hard and physically demanding you can earn cash quickly while having a enjoyable experience in good company.

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Farm and Agriculture Jobs