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A truly unique Australian working holiday that guarantees a well-paid job of your choice in the breathtaking beauty of the Outback.

Holiday Resort Work

Each year many Holiday companies hire staff to work at their holiday resorts and it is possible to find jobs year round; at alpine and ski resorts in winter and in popular holiday destinations during summer.

Resort staff and holiday company reps are required to greet and assist guests while opportunities exist for instructors across a range of leisure activities including water sports, fitness instructors, scuba-diving instructors, tennis coaches and winter jobs for skiing and snowboard instructors.

In UK and Europe big holiday companies offering package holidays to resorts hire seasonal staff every year. Those with the right paperwork or a working holiday visa can find work on the spot in numerous destinations with a sizeable tourism presence hospitality jobs, as receptionists, chefs or as casual workers. Summer and Winter jobs are also available in America and Canada where large numbers of staff on seasonal work permits are hired.

The pay for jobs at holiday resports tends to be quite low but there can be perks on offer, for example free ski passes, transport accomodation and meals. On resorts the working atmosphere is ideal for outgoing social personalities who like to work hard and play hard,have fun and enjoy helping people have a great holiday or vacation.

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Holiday Resort Work