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Ski Resort Jobs

Work a winter season, find a job at a ski resort Ski jobs are available from
late autumn, through the winter months throughout Europe, the USA & Canada & New
Zealand. If you have a passion for skiing, snowboarding or winter sports working
at a ski resort in the Alps or Rocky mountains can be a great way to fund a
season on the slopes. Ski jobs include chalet cooks, ski lift operators, Ski /
Snowboard instructors, shop assistants, catering staff, DJ's and childcare

Ski jobs in USA / Canada must be arranged by overseas applicants in advance
and centralised agencies, booking agents or travel companies can arrange your
placement and working holiday visas. Exchange volunteer programmes are also
available.In Europe it is also best to arrange a ski resort job in advance by
applying early (in summer or late autumn) or making enquiries a year before
although you can still find jobs available on the spot in season in hotels,
bars, restaurants, lift stations and shops.

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Ski Resort Jobs