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Summer Jobs

Summer jobs and paid working holidays are a popular way for students, young people and travellers to enhance a CV and provide a way to earn much-needed cash while travelling and visiting new places around the world. Plus, they are a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people!

A wide range of seasonal work and paid holiday jobs are available in European countries, the USA, Canada and many other places around the world.

What sort of paid opportunities are available? Popular summer jobs include: working at a summer camp, teaching English as a foreign language, agricultural or farm work, bar work or working at a music festival.Tourism provides lots of opportunities for summer job seekers and season workers, with a range of opportunities for casual work including hotel jobs, holiday resort work, restaurant and catering staff, childcare and jobs in the entertainment industry. Sports activity centres can also be great places to work a season for those who enjoy outdoor activities, water sports, horse riding and working outdoors.

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Summer Jobs

There are full time, part time and casual positions available and on Seasonal Jobs 365 you can find and apply for summer jobs or search recruiters looking for staff. If you have got itchy feet and do not want to stay at home this summer consider working abroad. By applying for a summer job abroad you will get the chance to experience living in a different country, get a regular salary and a lot of summer jobs include accommodation and meals. You can find summer jobs all around the world, you just need to decide where you would like to go.

Popular jobs include working as a foreign language teacher, being an au-pair / nanny, resort work with holiday camps or at hotels and hostels. Summer jobs are also popular with students, work and travel exchange programsattract thousands of applications where you can live abroad during summer, gain hands on work experience and earn extra money. Please research all options before applying for a summer job, there are so many different opportunities abroad and it might seem a daunting task so you need to make sure you find the right summer job for you. Some seasonal jobs are well paid but do not include accommodation, you will need to check this.

Another popular option for those seeking work abroad during the summer months is agricultural work in Italy, most commonly, grape-picking. Finding grape-picking work is best done through an experienced organization that can place you on a farm and provide you with insurance cover. Whether you fancy working at a camp in America, au pairing in Australia or doing agricultural work in Italy, finding work overseas helps you experience local culture while further funding your travels. 

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