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Ski Resort Jobs in Alberta, Canada
Lake Louise Inn

Work at a ski resort in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

Winter Jobs

There are a wide range of winter jobs available at a ski resorts in Europe and abroad. Winter work can include chalet staff, cooks, cleaners, lift operators, slope patrols and general resort staff. If you are looking for winter jobs you could train to become a ski or snowboard instructor. There are lots of winter ski jobs available at ski resorts, jobs in the alps are very popular with people seeking adventure and travel gap years. There is a need for seasonal winter staff worldwide with ski workers and snowboard instructor jobs available year round. Winter ski work can include instructing ski lessons, assisting on ski slopes, lift operators, slope patrols and general ski resort staff. Popular ski work programs include winter jobs in Europe, winter jobs in France, winter jobs in New Zealand and winter jobs in the USA. Winter jobs in Canada are popular with people on working holiday visas.

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Winter Jobs

There are a wide range of winter jobs abroad at a ski resorts in Europe and abroad. Winter work at ski resorts can include leading ski lessons, working in hospitality, being chalet staff, a cook, cleaner, ski lift operator or looking after children in childcare roles. Please be sure to apply for winter jos early as competition is high. Winter jobs in New Zealand are popular with people on working holidays visas, search our website for featured work placements.

Doing a ski season is an excellent way to earn money, mix with an international crowd and polish those skiing skills. The experience of doing a ski season can often double up as a holiday, as most roles allow you plenty of time to indulge in the winter sports and activities on offer. Ski season jobs can vary, and are in no way restricted to working as a ski instructor. Jobs can range from chalet hosting to nannying and resort repping to beauty therapy – all great ways to acquire experience and language skills that look good on your CV.

Arrangements for doing a ski season are relatively easy once a job is confirmed as accommodation, flights and ski passes all normally come with the job. Winter jobs abroad are most definitely not limited to ski seasons, however. If you fancy a bit of sun, why not head to Australia to find some agricultural work or perhaps learn a new language and teach English as a foreign language in South America. Whatever your preference, working abroad during the winter season is an excellent way to make money while experiencing a different culture and, if needs be, further fund your travels. You might also like to view our summer jobs abroad.