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Gap Year Work in Australia

Stand out from the huge crowd of working holiday makers heading down under with BUNAC’s Work Australia programme.

Seasonal Jobs in Australia

Australia is most peoples number one choice to live and work abroad in with thousands of people migrating every year. On our website you can find recruiters, search jobs in places like the Outback, and major cities Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Cairns and Brisbane and apply for a life changing experience. You can also read more information about the types of vacancies available and you can also apply for year round or summer and winter positions.

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Seasonal Jobs in Australia

Apply to Work in Australia

Australia is a truly breath-taking country, there are big cities, stunning coastal towns, beautiful beaches and a warm climate and so many jobs for you to apply for. Expect a warm climate, beautiful beaches, modern citites, lots of jobs and competative wages which makes Australia an appealing country to travel and work in. There are a lot of really recommended destinations, most cities have good nightlife, outdoor lifestyle and lots of international travellers. Working your way around the country is really enjoyable and there are lots of flexible jobs in Australia, from working in a city like Sydney to traveling deep into the outback and working on a farm or vinyard, you are sure to find a position for you. 

One of the biggest deciding factors, and one of the main reasons for the large number of people making the move to Australia, is the appeal of avoiding Europe's economic situation. People choose Australia to experience the culture which appeals so much, you will never get bored in one location in this country because the work visa is flexible it means you can travel all around and find a place which like most to work. If you have ever watched the news around Christmas time you will see a lot of Aussies head to the beach, this might seem surreal but its a totally different lifestyle and one you can look forward to! A true adventure awaits Down Under - discover living and working today by searching our seasonal jobs in Australia today! 



Types of Jobs in Australia

A lot of people find work in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney - all large cosmopolitan citites with lots of places to apply. If you work in Sydney then you really need to get a picture by the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House to make all your friends back home jealous. Bondi Beach is a popular place in Sydney to base yourself, the beaches here are also really spectacular. Checking Sydney travel guides by Expedia before you start your trip is highly recommended. Australia has so many beautiful beaches be sure to travel down the East Coast working the route from Cairns to Sydney. 


Hotel & Hospitality

You can find jobs in towns and cities throughout Australia doing an number of jobs including working at restaurants, hostels, hotels and bars. We this type of work we highly recommend Melbourne as there are lots of cafes, bars, museums, shops and most importantly a wide selection of jobs. You might also want to consider popular tourist areas like the East Coast. 


Professional Jobs

People in various industries like IT and in other professions have spotted the benefits of moving during this economical struggle to secure their jobs in the industry; Australia is a high performer in the western world, recording substantial growth in such turbulent times, only increasingly the attraction of starting your career over there rather than in your home country.


Outback and Farm Jobs

Imagine waking up in Australia and getting paid to work at a farm in the outback, this is something totally different than you might of experienced before but it is something you might want to consider. There are lots of farm jobs in Australia and wages are really high compared to other countries, you don't need any previous experience and you will get paid to live and work on farms in Australia Positions can include working with cattle, going horse riding and rounding up cattle, preparing meals, ammending trails and fixing fences, cooking food or generally helping out. Full training will be provided and when you arrive you will be prepared for the type of work and you'll soon get in the hang of it, please note farm work can be hard, this isn't like a holiday sometimes you might be required to wake up early and work all day in hot sweaty conditions.

Being in the wilderness of a farm in Australia can be the best thing about traveling down under, there will be little noise and light polution so the sky at night will be spectacular. You will experience something totally different by working on a farm in Australia, you will also learn new skills and maybe thing about a career in this industry, who knows! The Australian outback is everything you might have imagined, its huge and you could be working on a farm anywhere in this country. Sometimes farms are in remote locations so don't expect wild nightlife or a big town nearby. But it is also a cheap way to live as your living expenses will be low and you can save money to travel and see more of this country. 


Au-Pair Jobs

There are lots of au-pair agencies and childcare providers who we have listed on our website who offer year round and summer au-pair jobs in Australia. You can browse our website to apply, experience one of the worlds best countries which will be a life changing experience. You can apply now to work as an au pair in Australia, if this is something you have always dreamed about then why wait. Full training will be provided and so most of the time if you are lacking experience this will not be a problem. You might find work as an au pair in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. If you apply through an international sending agency they will be able to review your application and accept you onto the program. They will also be able to assist you in finding a childcare job in Australia. Becoming an au-pair in Australia is a great way to see more of this country as there will be lots of free time to travel. Experience the land down under, live in a new culture and get paid to do it!



Established in 1975 the Australian visa provides people with the opportunity to live and gain employment in Australia. The visa restrictions have been relaxed in recent years to provide any past or present visa holder who has spent a minimum of three months working in Australia to apply for a second visa.  The visa must be validated within one year of being granted the visa and it allows people to stay up to 12 months from the date of first entry, and you can even leave the country and return it will not affect the visa status. If you are in Australia on a work visa you will be entitled to the same pay and work conditions as Australian nationals. You also have the option of leaving the employer at any time and looking for fresh employment. 

These visas are relatively quick to obtain, making them popular with young people travelling before moving on to the next stage of their working or educational lives. There is also a skilled migration visa. The General Skilled Migration (GSM) programme is the only way for skilled workers to emigrate to Australia, but in order to qualify for this visa applicants must first meet the basic requirements for GSM and pass the Australian immigration points test, which scrutinises skill, age, work experience, language and sponsorship requirements. Whilst skilled independent visas are for people who can offer an immediate skills boost to the country and is the most popular skilled immigration process. Skilled sponsored is another route; this is where a skilled worker has family residing in Australia or who is sponsored by an Australian state or territory. Skill shortages are a common way to gain entry into the country; jobs and skills that are in short supply can be filled by people from other countries including the UK.



You can apply for a 12 month working holiday visa for Australia if you are aged 18-30 and come from selected countries like the UK and Ireland. You can apply for any types of jobs in Australia on this visa and there is the possibility to extend, to enter Australia you will need a funds in your bank to support your stay. If you apply for a visa through a sending agency they will usually make the process easier and help with accommodation and job hunting on arrival. This can be the best option if you are traveling solo in Australia, its your first trip away and if you want to make your trip down under easier. They offer structured packages where you might go on a group flight where you'll meet new people and experience the true Aussie experience. You might also like to view our seasonal jobs in New Zealand.



If you are applying for employment independently then you should be able to arrange your own accomodation. Living conditions can be basic too, sometimes dorm rooms but this is a good opportunity to socialise and really get to know people. Other times you might get your own room, kitchen facilities and privacy. The local staff will be really friendly too. You will need to decide how long to stay, a lot of people choose 4 weeks and longer to really settle into a placement but other only stay a short time.


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