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Seasonal Jobs in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations in the world to work in, you can expect friendly people, spectacular scenery and lots of different jobs available. On our website you can find recruiters and employers which will allow you to experience a combination of paid work and culture. Apply for summer positions and winter ski jobs, you could work as a ski instructor, or find resort work, jobs in tourism, hospitality, farming and agriculture. Read more information about going to work in Canada below and apply today.

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Seasonal Jobs in Canada

Work Abroad Canada

Why Work Abroad in Canada

Experience living and working in one of the most popular seasonal work abroad destinations in the world. Not only will you get paid, you will get to meet new people from all over the world, explore new places, see new things and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. There are positions available all year round, not just for winter although the ski resorts are usually the most appealing thing to international staff. Also this is an English speaking nation making the experience easier especially if it is your first time working abroad.


Country Quick Facts

Population - 33,670,000
Capital - Ottawa
Area - 9,984,670 km2
Dialing Code - +1
Languages - English & French
Currency - Canadian Dollar
Minimum Wage - This is different in each of the provinces and territories



Visa Information for Working in Canada


To gain employment in Canada you will need to apply for a IEC 12 month work permit which you will be issued on application acceptance. These visas are issued in batches and its best to apply in advance as numbers are limited. Canada offers a working holiday visa for the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK. If you are from one of these countries you can apply to work in Canada but you will need to be aged 18-30 to be eligible. You might need to provide proof of funds in your bank account on arrival, this is for authorities in Canada to check to see if you have enough money to support yourself during your staff.  Once you have had your visa approved you will be able to work for up to one year in Canada, if you don't like it you can leave earlier and the visa is flexible so you can work for more than one company. You also have the option of leaving work placement jobs at any time and looking for fresh employment within Canada.


Best Places to Work in Canada


Popular Places to Seek Employment

Canada is an amazing destination to work in and there are so many places you can find employment, from large cities to small remote resorts, these are appealing locations you should think about:

  • Cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal
  • Winter jobs tend to be in the mountains around British Colombia (read below for more details on locations)
  • Summer jobs are found throughout the country, Ontario is a popular destination



Year Round Jobs

If you would like to spend a long period working in Canada you can search year long placements staying for much more than just a few months during summer or winter. You will need to browse jobs and see whats best for you as there it a lot of different positions available like ski jobs, hotel / hospitality jobs, doing a ski season, working at a resort, amusement or theme parks, hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. 



Tourism, Hotel & Hospitality Jobs

There are lots of vacancies all year round where you can work in a hotel, hostel, bar, cafe or restaurant. Popular places for this type of work include cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec. If you check the most popular tourist destinations in the country these places will be your best option for finding this type of work. Somewhere like Niagara Falls is an all round destination and in the nearby towns you should be able to find some type of work. A good CV, some experience and a positive/friendly manor will help you secure work in these industries.



Nanny & Au-Pair Jobs

If you enjoy being in the company of children then you might want to apply to work as a live-in nanny or au-pair in Canada. To apply you will need to be aged 18+ and be able to speak English. Sometimes previous experience will be required and you can generally sign a 3, 6 or 12 month+ contract. If you have ever wanted to experience the lifestyle and culture of Canada and want a structured experience then this might be the program for you.



Work Experience & Professional Placements

There are a range of professional internships and work experience placements which are a great way to gain experience for your CV. Canada is a member of the G8 and has a thriving economy which is one of the largest in the world. Numerous global companies are based in Canada and there are numerous opportunities for you to learn and benefit your future career. The main industries are logging, natural resources, services and manufacturing but there are lots of different areas you can work in though, for example tourism, architecture, engineering, IT, sales and marketing. Internship placements can be joined in places like Toronto, Vancouver, Baffin Island, Niagara Falls, Pacific Rim National Park and Quebec City. Enquire and arrange a work experience program through our website today.




Seasonal Jobs Canada

Winter Ski Jobs in Canada

View our guide to the best winter jobs in Winter. Most ski resorts are located in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. There is a need for seasonal winter staff from around November to April and you will need to be prepared make a lot of applications and try to beat the crowds to your dream job.

Popular Winter Seasonal Job Destinations
You might want to think about Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec

Types of Winter Positions Available 
Winter Ski Jobs in CanadaSki jobs in Canada can include instructing ski lessons, assisting on ski slopes, lift operators, slope patrols and general ski resort staff. The best thing about working a ski season in Canada is how many people you will get to meet and how lively your social life will be. If you want to find a job as a ski instructor you will need to get qualified, we list lots of companies who offer ski instructor courses and vacancies. You can also find childcare work in Canada at ski resorts, this job involves looking after children, cooking, cleaning and even going skiing with them.

When / How to Apply 
Winter working holidays are really popular so you will need to apply well in advance. 
The winter ski season runs from around December until April so apply around 3 months in advance to give yourself the best chance of landing a position.

Working Days / Benefits
Expect to work around 30-40 hours per week with 1/2 days off. These jobs can be an amazing experience but don't expect an easy ride, some days will be long and tiring where you will work long hours. You should though get free time to go skiing in some world class resorts.



Canada Winter Ski Resort Jobs

Where/Which Resorts to Apply for Winter Ski Jobs

These are the most popular resorts and locations where you might want to think about apply to.

Whistler - This resort hosted the Olympic and Paralympics Games in 2010 and is the largest ski resort in British Columbia. This is a popular resort for pro skiers/snowboarders and families and there are two options - Whistler Mountain and Whistler Blackcomb which are located about 2 hours North from Vancouver. This is probably the most famous ski destination in the world and also one of the most popular to work at.

Big White - Big White Ski Resort is the second largest resort in British Columbia, you will be blown away by the scenery! Located in the Okanagan Valley, this is a modern destination with lots of bars, cafes, accommodation and shops. You can apply for jobs here for a long period as the season extends from November to April time.

Fernie Alpine Resort - Located around 1 hour from Alberta and also the USA border, this location gets a lot of snow fall from November to April, sometimes around 30 feet! This makes it an attractive ski destination which means a number of seasonal employment.

Grouse Mountain - This is not the biggest ski resort but due to its placing, only a 20 minute drive from Vancouver it is a local favourite. You could work in Vancouver and visit in your spare time.

Kimberley - This is quite an issolated resort in the South-East of British Columbia but is popular with families. You can get here by driving or catching a bus from Calgary which is about 4 hours away or by flying to the local airport.  There are lots of lodges, resorts, restaurants and shops which hire during winter.

Mount Seymour - If you want to work at a ski resort and experience life in the city then this is your destination as it is very close to downtown Vancouver.

Panorama - You will find the Panorama Mountain Village in the beautiful Purcell Mountains and it is known for its warm weather. There is a village feel with condos, hotels, restaurants and awesome scenery.

Banff & Norquay - In the Banff National Park you can find the Big 3 ski resorts - Lake Louise, Mount Norquay and Sunshine Village. This area is very famous destination and a popular choice for backpackers and temporary workers, we have resorts and hotel jobs listed here. Lake Louise is a good recommendation.

Silver Star - This is an easily accessible resort by land or air from both Calgary and Vancouver which gets tons of snow during winter.

Sun Peaks - The name kinda gives it away, this is a sunny/hot ski destination around 4-5 hours from both Vancouver and Seattle. You could apply to one of the pubs, restaurants, club or ice skating rink.

Red Mountain Resort - People have been skiing here for over 100 years making it the oldest ski resort in Canada. 

Jasper - The Jasper National Park in the Rockies is an amazing destination and quite small giving it a cosy feel.

Tremblant - This is one of the top choices for winter jobs due to the size, this is the second largest ski run in Canada located very close to Montreal. You might want to learn French is working here.

Nakiska - Located in the stunning Kananakis Country, it hosted the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988 and has a cosy small atmosphere. Jobs can be applied for at the nearby Kananaskis Village.

Blue Mountain Ski Resort - The third busiest ski resort in Canada with over 750,000 people visting annually. There are lots of jobs going in this resort loctaed near Collingwood, Ontario.

Mont Sutton - One of the largest resorts in Quebec and which gets around 400-500cm of snow every year.

Horseshoe Resort - Within a hour drive from Toronto and is popular with all ski levels and abilities.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone - This ski resort is at the centre of the Snow belt region and is popular with people from Ontario. It is also one of the biggest family resorts meaning roles for instructors and general hospitality staff.



Summer Jobs in Canada

Summer Jobs in Canada

Everyone usually thinks of Canada as a winter job destination, but did you realise there are lots of summer employment opportunities too? In Canada there are lots of outdoors sports jobs for summer where you can coach different activities. Water sport instructors are in demand, from kayaking instructors, surfing instructors, canoeing instructors, sailing instructors or water ski instructors. In summer the weather gets warm which is an added bonus. There are lots of resorts in the summer which cater for adventure sports seekers who join treks, walks and trips. Silver Star Resort is very popular in summer which you might want to think about heading to for employment.

Below you can read more about the different roles available for the summer season.



Summer Bar, Rep and Tourism Jobs in Spain

Holiday Resorts, Activity Centres & Summer Camps

One of the most popular summer jobs in Canada is working at a holiday resort, activity centre or summer camp. This placement gives you the chance to spend 4 to 8 weeks of your summer in one of Western Canada's beautiful locations whilst contributing your energies to the running of some of the most popular, respected and well-run activity camps in Canada. Placements are paid and the average wage is $9 per hour. Contribute to the running of some of the most popular, respected and well-run activity camps in Canada. You will be helping to look after the young campers, supporting them in their day-to-day lives and leading a range of adventure activities.

As a camp mentor, you will find yourself being looked up to as a role model by the children who will rely on you to direct and take care of them while they are away from home, learning a new language, new skills and making friends. The positions are highly sought after and you get paid, dont miss out! Following an orientation in Vancouver you will move on to your summer camp. You can choose the duration that you work for. The minimum commitment is four weeks and the maximum would be eight weeks.

Whistler & Vancouver - The camps in Whistler and Vancouver focus on sports, skills and interests that you, the counselor, bring to camp. Past activities have included arts and crafts, football, volleyball, basketball, swimming and running. Camp can consist of 13-17 year old English or non-English speakers. Counselors will be responsible for leading Extreme Sport activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, wilderness hikes and camping, mountain biking, etc. Great for outdoor enthusiasts!

London & Ontario - This camp is focused on horseback riding and tennis. Counselors will not lead these activities unless they are experts in these fields.



Farm Work in Canada

Farm Work, Agriculture & Picking Jobs

You could also apply for agriculture jobs and farm work, this might be something totally new / different but could be appealing. You could work on a cattle farm in summer rounding up and dealing with the animals or helping with vital jobs such as fencing and then combine this with a different job in winter. On our website you can find farms which are currently recruiting general laborers and equipment handlers. You will need previous experience for these roles, be in good health and be open to working in remote regions of the country.



Salary for Seasonal Jobs in Canada


How much you get paid really depends on the job, position and location - wages can vary depending on the region you work.



How to Apply

You can search our featured jobs and recrutiers above. Some companies offer working holiday packages for Canada which include group flights, orientation, visa, job hunting assistance, processing of social insurance number, mail holding service, one night hostel stay, selected meals, in-country support and assistance from your co-ordinator throughout your time in Canada,buddy list of other participants before you go, 24 hour support number and contact for emergencies. You will need to be a fee for this service or you could just apply independently for a working holiday visa and seek out employment in country or on websites. It is recommended to apply as early as possible too to increase your changes of getting hired, please research all companies and jobs before applying. You might also like to view our seasonal jobs in the USA.



What is it like to Work in Canada

"This country has the best ski slopes in the world, what better reason do you need to apply"

"Try to enjoy every minute, it can be really difficult to get a visa so make the most of the experience"

"Winter gets colddddd so pack accordingly"

"The cost of living can be quite high in Canada things like groceries etc. There are cheap buses which connect the country but distances can be long. Housing can be quite expensive so ask around or check message boards / online forums for spots"

"If you like cities choose to work in Toronto, this was my favorite place"

"If you are going to work somewhere like Quebec you might want to learn basic French this will really help you on your journey and also might help you get a job"


Author Bio: Paul Edwards is an experienced professional sharing his experiences to help people work abroad in Canada.