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Working Guest Norway
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Live and work in the land of the midnight sun, witness the beautiful Northern Lights and absorb the natural beauty of Norway.

Seasonal Jobs in Norway

Find employment in Norway with Seasonal Jobs 365. On our website you can find tourism and farm work or apply for working holiday and work a summer or winter season at a ski resort. Most nationalities can apply for jobs in Norway which include agriculture, picking fruit, harvesting, working with horses and looking after farm animals. Working guest job positions are popular and are open to citizens of the European Union and European Economic Area. (EU/EEA). You could work at a resort in Norway doing housekeeping, cooking, waitressing / waiting on tables or become a receptionist. Search our jobs in Norway today.

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Seasonal Jobs in Norway

Summer and Seasonal Jobs in Norway

Places to Find Employment

Jobs can be joined throughout the country, in the capital Oslo and Stavanger in the North there are positions available as this is where most of the population base live. If you are after seasonal fruit picking and agriculture positions then you will probably be based in rural areas. There are also tourist resorts in places like Gausdal, Voss and Lillehammer which hire international staff.



Seasonal Jobs in Norway

Why Work in Norway

Norway is one of the most peaceful places to live in the world with friendly local people, spectacular scenery and also a facsinating culture unlike many other countries in the world. This country attracts student job seekers and also older people, you will get to meet new people from all over the world here. Our top recommendation is to start learning basic words and phrases, this will help integrate into the society easier and also dramatically increase your chances of getting a job.



Types of Jobs in Norway

In Norway there is a limited amount of skilled workers and currently the government are trying to relax the laws to entice international workers into the country, this is good news if you would like to be one of those people. Norway has a very strong economy with high wages but positions can be competative, this country has a good education standard and also low unemployment. Please note most jobs will go to native Norweigan speakers. If you have any specific skills e.g. working in nursing, healthcare or you are a teacher you might find it easier to gain employment here.



Summer Jobs in Norway

If you would like to work in the tourism industry you can apply to work at bars, hotels and restaurants - this is for both summer and winter. Summer jobs at beach resorts are very popular so you will need to apply early to secure a place, some establishments might require previous experience but generally most companies will provide training. There are hotels located throughout the country and these are great places to apply to work as they recruit all year round.

There are agencies which offer seasonal au-pair and nanny jobs in Norway, this can be a great way to work and live for free caring for local children and integrating into the local culture. Tasks can include cooking, tidying, taking children to school and being a general helper for a family. Wages are not too high for these positions but you will get free board and also food which can save you a lot in Norway.



Tourism Jobs

You could choose from numerous work opportunities in Norway's agricultural or tourist sectors. Working Guest programs were set up to give people the chance to live and work in Norway. Each year, this programme welcomes up to 300 people from all over the world to spend a few months with a Norwegian family who have requested for help. Candidates are needed to work in agriculture or tourism roles - helping run their farming or hotel businesses, lodges, horse riding schools and so forth.



Farm Work, Agriculture & Fruit Picking Jobs

You might not know but the agricultural industry brings in about 2% of the countries annual GDP, these types of jobs are usually taken by migrant workers, backpackers, students, entry level workers and people just looking to fund staying and exploring Norway.  Farm and agriculture seasonal work in Norway are very popular, harvest season is from June to September and places you might want to head to include Lier, Andebu and Loen where strawberries, rasberries, vegtables and potatoes are picked. These positions offer a great way to see a different lifestyle and live in a really relaxing environment.

Small and large farms are located throughout the country and most generally offer temporary positions and on-site accommodation. Livestock farms also need staff whilst there are also food processing factories located throughout the country in places like Bergen, Vardes and Bodes. Sometimes wages can be quite low for this type of work and you will need to be in good physical condition to apply due to the working conditions. If you have never done this type of work before it does include hard manual labour working in the outdoors - you might want to check to see if these positions are right for you before applying. When on a picking job in Norway you will usuall collect food from the ground or trees



Winter Ski Jobs in Norway

Applying for winter ski jobs in Norway? Yes please! Norway has over 10 recommended ski resort destination where you might want to seek employment, these include:

  • Hemsedal - a lot of locals say this is their favourite ski area which has over 50 slopes
  • Kvitfjell - there are runs for both adults and children here, this resort is a lot smaller than the others
  • Trysil - this is the largest ski resort in the country and also one of the most popular locations
  • Hafjell - located very close to Littehammer which hosted events during the 1994 Olympics
  • Oslo Winter Park - Not the biggest ski resort but located only around 25 minutes from Oslo
  • Geilo - this is a popular destination for families as there are lots of beginner runs
  • Norefjell - lots of vertical runs and located close to Oslo (around 1 hour away)
  • Myrkdalen - located very close, 20 minutes from Voss, this is a poplar place for cross-country skiing
  • Kongsberg - one of the newest and most modern locations
  • Hovden - there are over 30km of runs here in the beautiful Setesdal Valley

There are ski resorts located throughout the country, but mainly in the South of the country - some are in very close proximity to places like Oslo and Voss. Due to the geographical location of Norway, during winter snow covers the whole country whilst all the ski resorts are very modern too as the local authorities try to entice local and international tourists and families to visit. 

Your best bet for employment is to try the larger ski resorts like Hemsedal and Trysil. Hemsedal is the most popular location for student, backpackers and temporary workers. International travel companies hire ski reps and chalet staff whilst there are also lots of local business hire staff for the winter season, most positions are temporary just for winter but there are also year round positions. There are jobs on the slopes for ski lift operators and technicians, if you want ski instructor work you might want to visit local ski schools but usually these hire people with good Norweigan language skills.

Due to the cost of living you might want to pre-arrange a job prior to arrival or seek a position where accommodation is included. Wages here are very high here compared to other destinations in Europe.



Eligibility & What to Think About Before Applying to Work in Norway

- If you live in the EU it is fairly easy to enter and apply for jobs, but if you are from a different country please check visa eligibility

- The cost of living in Norway is very high, one of the highest in Europe and it is good to make a real effort to gain employment in advance or start looking straight away as this country can drain your finances very quickly.

If you don't know any of the Norwegian language then it is recommended to learn even if it is just the basic phrases, this will dramatically increase your chances of gaining seasonal employment here.

- The North region of the country is quite difficult to live in with freezing weather in winter, beaware of this before departing

In your spare time you might want to explore more of this beautiful country, the Fjords are a must see destination.



How to Apply

You can search jobs and employers on our website today. If you are going to be independent when in country you can browse job boards, newspaper ads (these will usually be in Norweigan), register with job sites or also apply with an international agency prior to departure. Some companies offer working holiday packages which include placements, transfers, accommodation and meals but you will need to pay a sign up fee.